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A272: An Ode to a Road, by Pieter and Rita Boogaart

A272: An Ode to a Road, by Pieter and Rita Boogaart


Paperback – 250 x 210 mm – 272 pages

Over 350 colour illustrations

A decade-old obsession for Dutchman Pieter Boogaart resulted in a guidebook that looks like no other, to a subject never before fully explored: the A272.

Three continuous texts wind their way through the book, simultaneously exploring the A272 itself and the countryside it passes through; extra commentary is provided in yet another level of text. Hundreds of colour photographs complete this homage to the ‘epitome of England’.

After six impressions, now in a fully revised, updated, improved FOURTH edition, and – of course! – 272 pages long!

Pieter Boogaart is European Secretary of the Folly Fellowship. A noted book reviewer and teacher, he lives with his wife and collaborator Rita in Eindhoven in the Netherlands. 

Jeremy Paxman, Newsnight

The Independent

The most eccentric and fascinating guidebook we have ever seen 
John Sandoe Bookshop

Woman’s Hour

The oddest publishing success of the year
Western Daily Press

Daily Telegraph

Rather wonderful
Iain Sinclair

A bound folly
Art Quarterly

One of the most original, crazy, informative and enjoyable books to appear for a long time: this guide is utterly appealing
Sarah Anderson, Travel Bookshop

Road all about it!
The Sun

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272 pp with over 350 colour illustrations 
paperback 250 x 210 mm