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Half an Hour from Paris, by Annabel Simms

Half an Hour from Paris, by Annabel Simms


Paperback – 196 x 115 mm – 176 pages

40 colour and black-and-white images

The spectacular medieval castle where Henry V died, Napoleon’s private château, dancing in fifties guinguette cafés, a Victorian gunpowder factory – these are just some of the unexpected delights discovered by Annabel Simms just half an hour from Paris.

Following the format of her small classic An Hour from Paris, and written with the same delight in the littleknown treasures of the Île de France, Half an Hour from Paris presents ten new destinations easy to reach from central Paris, each with a carefully planned walk, ample meanderings through the cultural, historical and social milieu, comprehensive practical information and clear, detailed maps.

Annabel Simms was born in England, and now lives and works in Paris.

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