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Karol Plicka, by Marián Pauer

Karol Plicka, by Marián Pauer


Hardback – 280 x 240 mm – 296 pages

Karol Plicka (1894-1987) was a Renaissance man who became a legend in the world of film, photography, ethnography, folklore, music and literature, and whose name is connected with the establishment of schools of film and photography in Bratislava and Prague.
This monograph maps in detail the life and work of this incredible, but at the same time, almost forgotten, personality. He was an explorer and artist, a creator who found his unique style in the world of music and imagery. The book contains rich material showing how Slovakia was depicted in Plicka’s photographs and films. The publication is full of Plicka’s personal photographs; photographs of the artist whilst working; the correspondence, manuscripts and musical notations; memoirs of his relatives; and photographs from the Plicka’s family album. Karol Plicka died in 1987 in Prague, Czech Republic, and left an oeuvre which has no parallel: 40,000 musical notations of folk songs; thousands of negatives from Slovakia, Romania, Yugoslavia, Austria and the United States; four full-length films; a few short films; and many picture publications. A collection in which the past and the present continually overlap.

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