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Young Palestinians Speak, by Anthony Robinson and Annemarie Young

Young Palestinians Speak, by Anthony Robinson and Annemarie Young


Paperback – 204 x 229 mm – 144 pages

Full-colour illustrations and photography

In Palestine today, a second generation of children and young people is growing up experiencing life under occupation. These are children who know only fear when they see an Israeli soldier or come across a roadblock; children who mourn for fathers and brothers in prison, for relatives beyond forbidden checkpoints whom they are unable to see. Yet at the same time, Palestinian children are much like children everywhere, it is just the circumstances of their lives that are so different. 

This book provides a platform for children and young people, from all over this occupied land, to speak in their own voices about the day-to-day experience of living under occupation. It begins with an explanation of what the occupation means for those living under it and is followed by the heart of the book: nine sections, each one focusing on one of the places visited by the authors. At the end, there is a timeline showing the main events that led up to the occupation. 

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Many books have been written about Palestine but few from the perspective of young adults. None have been so bold as to attempt letting young Palestinian adults tell their own story. This book is unique. Though full of facts and useful information, these are presented through the lens and words of young adults who bring them to life and speak to people of their age group, those who live entirely different lives and would not otherwise be able to begin to imagine the reality of life under occupation. Different aspects of the occupation are covered in this book, helping the reader form a comprehensive picture of the situation that Palestinians under occupation have to endure. Coming in the wake of the 50th anniversary of the brutal Israeli occupation over Palestinian lands, this book will move hearts and minds and will educate a new generation of English readers to the tragedy of Palestine and what Palestinians living under occupation have to endure.
Raja Shehadeh, author of the Orwell Prize-Winning Palestinian Walks

A poignant, powerful, and insightful collection of voices seldom heard.
Kirkus Review, Non-fiction 12-18

A straightforward, compelling, and eye-opening look at life in Palestine for all nonfiction collections. Gr 7 Up.
School Library Journal (starred review)

In my view, ‘Young Palestinians Speak’ should be required reading for anyone who wants to gain insight into this complex and impossible situation. I learned so much from it.
Rosemary Hayes, Amazon UK review

Whatever your attitude to the complexities of the Israeli-Palestinian conflict, this book is necessary reading and I recommend it without reservation: it gives insights into the human suffering that lies behind the headlines.
Adrian du Plessis, Amazon UK review

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