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Havana De Cuba, by Marzena Pogorzaly

Havana De Cuba, by Marzena Pogorzaly


Paperback – 148 x 210 mm – 64 pages

56 vivid colour photographs

Marzena Pogorzaly's last book was about icebergs; her new one is about heat and colour. For someone who grew up in pre-Solidarity Poland, there are many strange echoes: 'Some of it was familiar. I was born, and grew up, behind the Iron Curtain. I immediately felt at home with the way The System worked, or rather the way it did not. But where the palette of my homeland was dull, drab and irredeemably monochrome, here I found a vivid treasure chest of visual epiphanies'. 

But her Havana is not just visual thrill: her real interest is how people live in this intense environment. Her photographs are entirely without sentimentality but rich in that tradition of humanism which sees the deeper qualities that unite us with strangers, as well as the surface differences that divide us. 

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